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Design District


Inform >> Answer >> Inspire.

Transition & Launch Preparation

  • Establish pricing and concessions

  • Promote listings on CRE online listing platforms 

  • Review objectives and marketing strategies 

  • Walk vacancies and provide ownership with suggestions on potential modifications and upgrades to spaces and common areas

  • Ongoing (real-time) VTS reporting to ownership

  • Canvassing

  • Prepare and distribute detailed marketing materials :

    • Announcement e-blast

    • Custom leasing brochure

    • New photos and drone video

    • Create property website

    • Create an email marketing campaign

    • Create digital 3D floorplans

Launch Marketing Campaign

  • Launch an email marketing campaign 

  • Target tenants and broker prospecting

  • Create virtual tours

  • Create targeted digital ads

  • Launch press releases through social media and third-party outlets

  • National marketing campaign 

  • Leverage Colliers TAC Network 

Marketing Plan

  • Launch a structured, methodical “warm” calling program

  • Periodically refresh and update marketing initiatives and materials 

  • Analyze existing market expirations “Hand-to-Hand Combat” with tenant and brokerage community. 

  • Expand canvassing efforts

Adjust marketing to meet the opportunities

Continuously refresh and fine-tune content and materials to maintain interest

Team Kingsley Rutchik

Your Leasing Team


Stephen Rutchik


Kevin Gonzalez


Jonathan Kingsley

Damla Barrett-Full.png

Damla Barrett


Jarred Goodstein


Jake Freeman


Tom Farmer


Ana Paula


Tyler de la Peña

Jonathan Rosen-Full.png

Jonathan Rosen


Bridgette Taylor


Carmen Aquino


Judy Jacas

No Conflicts

Abstract Background


1. The Gateway at Wynwood

Year Built 2021

195,000 sq. ft. of Office Space | 75% leased

2. Wynd28

Under Construction

46,600 sq. ft. of Office Space | 50% leased

3. WNWD21

Under Construction

63,000 sq. ft. of Office Space 


4. 777 Brickell

Year Built/Renov. 1978/2022

288,457 sq. ft. of Office Space | 97.4% leased

5. 800 Brickell

Year Built/Renov. 1981/2022

209,122 sq. ft. of Office Space | 95% leased

6. 801 Brickell

Year Built/Renov. 1985/2022

415,150 sq. ft. of Office Space | 92% leased

7. 1101 Brickell

Year Built 1985

171,000 sq. ft. of Office Space | 55% leased

8. 1395 Brickell

Year Built 2004

268,000 sq. ft. of Office Space | 85% leased

Miami Beach

9. 1520 Alton Road

Year Built/Renov. 1939/2023

5,250 sq. ft. of Office Space 

10. 1111 Lincoln Rd

Year Built/Renov. 1970/2019

146,287 sq. ft. of Office Space | 93% leased

11. 1691 Michigan Ave

Year Built/Renov. 2003/2020

161,824 sq. ft. of Office Space | 88% leased

12. Eighteen Sunset

Under Construction

±60,000 sq. ft. of Office Space | 75% leased

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